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Life's Challenges in a Secondary School

Tuesday, May 7th, 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. in the Christ the King Gymnasium

we are presenting a very engaging, interesting, thought provoking parent presentation by Dwayne Peace, retired School Resource Officer with the Calgary City Police and author of the book "Parenting with Eyes Wide Open". He will be covering issues secondary school kids face, such as bullying, cyber-bullying and online behaviour, body image, suicide, rumours, gossip, drama and more.

In this most requested session Dwayne will talk about issues that are effecting many students on a daily basis including:

  • Body image, eating disorders, bullying, cyber-bullying, suicide, bullycide, the digital world and their digital footprint, texting, the power of words, cliques, isolation, showing respect for others, anxiety, depression, and the impact of media including the impact of violent video games on youth, self-harm, rumours, gossip and drama are key components to this presentation.
  • The long term health consequences of bullying are also addressed to allow student to see that this is not just a school or teenage issue that goes away at graduation.
  • Through the use of PowerPoint and video the audience will be able to see the complex world that teens face everyday.


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