R. A. P.

Registered Apprenticeship Program

Paid Career Training before you leave School…….

What is R.A.P.?

The Registered Apprenticeship Program (R.A.P.) is a program where you, as a registered high school student, can become an apprentice and earn credits toward your apprenticeship and your high school diploma at the same time! Talk about having it all!!

What’s an Apprentice?

An apprentice is someone learning a trade while he or she is employed in that trade. Usually, apprenticeship is post-secondary training. But the Registered Apprenticeship Program (R.A.P.) is a special program that allows you to start your apprenticeship during high school.

What is Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeship is a combination of on-the-job training. work experience and technical training in a trade. Apprentices spend about 80% of the time learning on the job from a qualified tradesperson. The remaining 20% of their time is spent at a college or technical institute learning the theory, technologies and skills behind their trade. This is called the technical training component of the program. The entire program lasts from 1 to 4 years, depending on the trade.

From the start, apprentices earn a pay cheque for their time on-the-job. As a R.A.P. apprentice, you would earn at least minimum wage, with the pay increasing as the training progresses. Once your apprenticeship is complete, you will receive an ‘Alberta Journeyman Certificate” which proves you meet Alberta’s high industry standards. There are more than 50 apprenticeship trades and crafts in Alberta.

How can I do work and school at the same time?

R.A.P. is an agreement between you, your employer and your school. The idea is for all parties to be flexible. Your hours of work depend on the agreement, but in general you would work half-a-day and go to school for the other half.

Everyone has responsibilities

R.A.P. is a “real-world” program. You become a regular employee and are expected to attend on time, and complete your work safely and efficiently. You’ll be expected to focus on learning the required skills from your journeyman supervisor. In return, your employer will pay you as a R.A.P. apprentice, give you the agreed flexibility in work hours, provide you with the training you require, update your apprenticeship record book and stay in touch with your school.

Sound pretty good? If you are interested in the RAP program, see Ms. Jennifer Clement or email her at jennifer.clement@starcatholic.ab.ca