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List of Scholarships and Awards

If you need information on Alberta scholarships and bursaries for post-secondary education, you’re in the right place. View details about Alberta Heritage Scholarships and awards as well as scholarships available through Alberta post-secondary institutions, and scholarships offered through other organizations.

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Student Services

At Christ the King School, we teach for academic and spiritual success. Students may succeed on their own or students may succeed with the guidance and assistance of those who care for them the most: their parents and CTK staff. The Family Systems approach encourages a search for solutions to encourage the development of a mature, Christ-like, self-disciplined individual who is a responsible, contributing member of the school and the community. This invites the cooperation of students, parents, staff and the student services team. The following services are available to all students at Christ the King through the Student Services Office:

Educational Guidance: To enable students to adopt a perspective that places high priority on planning their educational futures.

Personal Guidance: To assist students to develop a positive outlook that promotes meaningful interaction with others.

Career Guidance: To assist students and parents by providing developmentally appropriate programs and career planning information that assists students with the school to work transition.

Information and Referral: Post-secondary schools, scholarship opportunities, health and lifestyle issues, agencies and services referral